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Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 2

Day #2
Post a picture of something you ate today
So it took me a while to post day #2 but I will finish this challenge!
One of my goals this year, of course is to lose weight and I have one of these after every workout :)

Protein Shake

They are so good and not very many calories, So refreshing its my dessert for the day. I recommend chocolate flavor, with strawberries and ice So so yummy! Lets hope this helps shed the pounds! :)

Tomorrow is a day I am fearing! About a year ago I bought some training sessions with a trainer at my gym. I wanted to get all in shape for the big day! But after every thing went down I kind of lost my inspirations. I ended up gaining weight instead of losing it. So I have been trying to lose the weight before I started my sessions but it just wasn't working out so I decided to just go ahead and do it. So for the next 5 weeks I will be working with big man Presley, a very large black man that is in the best shape I have ever seen. His words were "I am not going to go easy on you, I know you can do it and we need to get this weight off as soon as possible. You are a beautiful young lady and I want you to see results."

Therefore I hope you see why I am scared. Tomorrow is Day 1 of training with Presley. AHHHHHHHHHH
I am so excited, I have been running at least two miles a day ( I know thats not a lot for all you marathon runners but its good for me) haha.....  along with other things and I have been trying to prepare but lets just face it. I am so out of shape that I know I am going to die tomorrow. Wish me luck! Now I don't want to turn this into a fitness blog or anything but I def. want to share my results. Also I want to share tips with anyone who is interested, (although I know Im not skinny I do know how to get skinny) so I will put things here on there about my progress and what I can offer for all of you. Most of this comes from the advice Presley gives me. I mean he isn't just one of those people that just says he is a trainer. He as all the classes and certifications you could get, he also does competitions that a based on how he looks. He says give me a date and tell me to look a certain way and he will get there. He is awesome! 

So my first tip:

Tip #1
Don't eat fruit after your meal eat it on an empty stomach. I mean yes fruit is healthy but if you want to get the most out of it with how it digests, eat it before you eat a meal.

Tip #2
When you eat almonds try and chew them as many times as you can, maybe anywhere from 20 to 40 chews it helps as an appetite supressant. Almonds are a great healthy snack, but make sure you count how many you eat they are a lot of calories and if you just eat them out of the jar you may eat 30 before you even know it! I try and eat 10 - 15 and I could probably cut down on that.

Well if you think what I say is bogus thats fine but I hope as the weeks go on I can start to see some results and share some fun tips with all of you!

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  1. Dear Toss! I will be following your tips! In fact I did eat my fruit first for lunch today! :) Can't Wait! p.s. you are a beautiful girl and such a good friend to so many people! I love you lots and hope everything is going well in your life!