"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Job

I officially feel all grown up
I survived my 1st week at L-3 Communications
My Title: Production Planner Specialist
It was insane, so much information crammed into this overloaded brain
This new job isn't mixing well with 19 credits BUT
I will SuRviVe
Only 2 more months of this madness [ 19 credits + 40+hr work week]!! So if you don't see me or hear from me, in real life or on this blog
that is why
I love my new Job
I feel so blessed and I am so happy I don't have to go job hunting when I graduate
I have a feeling I may be with this company the rest of my life
It's an amazing company and I know that it's just the right fit for me
I am excited to work hard and master this job
Although... my boss told me it takes a few years to feel comfortable at this position and that I need to be patient....
So here is to the next two years of getting comfortable with my new career :) 

<3 I hope to blog about V-day soon

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day #9 FOOD

A photo of your favorite place to eat
[That's Easy]

When Trev and I first started dating we wanted a place that could just be our place, that we have never really been with any other guys/girls so we picked this place. I had never even been there and he had been there once before. Now its our favorite, they have our most favorite appetizer, and I always get a Raspberry Italian Cream Soda, and then we always get a dish to share.Trevor always insists on getting the big one and its WAY too much food. It's a fun atmosphere and we love it and I love that it is "our place". Our new favorite is their ravioli's WOW so good. You should try it if you can

[A photo from one of our many dates at Buca's]

Monday, February 7, 2011


Most intense superbowl game ever
Could NOT be happier
We love our Packers

He was the hit of the party
Imagine that, too cute

Did anyone else eat as bad as me?
I am pretty sure I gained 20lbs

Hope you all had a great superbowl sunday

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day #9 Great News

A picture of the last item I purchased.

Well because I am a poor student I have not been shopping in so long. The last time I went shopping with My money for clothes for Me was probably October when I went to California. Anyway I am happy to say I finally bought something last night, but I can justify it!
1st and foremost I didn't buy this for myself
My sweetheart showed up with it yesterday, he bought it for me.
I love him!
Trevor has been a Packers fan since he was born. The very 1st thing he gave me was his packer shirt he said it was his favorite so I could sleep in it at night. Well he decided it was time for me to have my own for the big game today! I am excited because I have never had an NFL team that I have loved. So even though I am a packers fan by default I am excited to cheer them on today! They haven't won a superbowl since like 1996 or something like that so Trevor is SOOO excited. GO PACKERS!!
So now for the good news!
I went shopping for a few things because ...
I am so excited, I will be working for L-3 Communications as a Production Planner Specialist. 
At my current job I wear scrubs everyday, I am so excited that my new job is business casual. But I don't really have a lot of that style of clothes. So I bought a few shirts at Target last night that will go great with a blazer and dress pants. I am really excited! 
Does anyone know where I can find a black blazer for not too expensive?   

 Double-sided two different prints! Love it!

If anyone knows of some great deals on blazers, dress pants, or good shirts that go with dress pants let me know. I am a little lost in this area, I want to just wear a dress everyday. I love dresses but when I was out there for my interview everyone was in business style suits, even the girls. I don't want to look like some dumb 22 year old wearing a cute summer dress haha. I have to be serious, this job is for real. I mean this is more of a career to me not just a job! I am so happy that when I graduate I don't have to go job hunting. I am so grateful that my dad was able to help me out and get my foot in the door......................... (he works at L-3 as well) I am so sad to leave Primary Childrens because I will miss my co-workers and the kids so much. But I made hardly nothing there and I didn't want to be a nurse so there was no where for me to move up. With this job, I can actually start saving money and go get my MBA and hopefull one day move up with this company. That is my plan and I am really excited!
I hope you all have a great superbowl sunday!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day #8 My mood.....

A song to match my mood
Well I heard this song on the radio months ago and I thought
"I want this song on my wedding video, during the part that you show pictures of when you are dating and get engaged"
Well then they started playing in A LOT on the radio
Then the bachelor had the actual band Train come and sing this song
So now I am like great its going to be over played and ruined by the time I get married [someday]
Anyway that doesn't change my mind
I love that spring and summer and right around the corner
I love weddings and I love dreaming about planning mine, it's never too early right?
Anyway I love Marry Me by Train
and I love this boy and he is why my mood is this song

Sorry I don't mean to be mushy
We have been through so much together
He makes me happy and I am so grateful for him
I love you Trev

Listen to this song
I am sure you have heard it by now
Marry Me, Train
[and no this does not mean I am asking someone to marry me haha]

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day #7 My Dream Wedding

Do I Dream Of Weddings?
YoU kNoW iT
My dream would be a BeAuTifUl Fall tent wedding in my backyard
But do you know how much tents are? At least the kind I want? They are a lot of money.
I still can picture so many other things I want even if I can't have a tent.
I want beautiful green and Ivory plants and flowers all over. I will have a green wedding. All different types of greens, it's what I have always imagined.

Now picture this below with green 

I may throw a little brown in there or maybe black depending on the time of year

I want it to be comfortable but classy

Cute but not tacky

I think.........
I want...
Maggie Sottero Dress
But that could change

I know no matter what that day will be perfect
I'll have my castle and my prince

Hopefully Day #8 Won't take me long to post

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go Jazz

So my bff Erin's Father, Mr. John Brophy has had access to 5th row Jazz tickets for years! Since my senior year I have been hoping maybe one day he will throw them my way. I always tell Erin, if you dad doesn't ever want them I will take them off his hands. So the other night I take Trevor over there for the 1st time, all the guys were talking and so what does Trevor do, he says "we can take those tickets off your hands"(we meaning the boys). I overheard and walked in the room and I see John hand Trevor the tickets! I couldn not believe it, no way John doesn't even know him! I have been wanting those tickets for years! So I said you better take me! Well of course John says you have to take Toss. So I stole Pete or Taylor's ticket and I know they weren't too happy about it. I just could not believe after all these years all I had to do was ask and I am sure I would have had 5th row seats a long time ago haha. Anyway it was a blast, and I will have to try and get the other boys some tickets so they don't hate me for life. Sadly..... D. Will did not play but I had a great view of him the whole game and the Jazz still won!! GO JAZZ!

I hope one day we can afford season tickets, we seriously had so much fun! I love that we both love the Jazz!

So trevor knocked the guy next to him over as he went for this little ball. He didn't even realize how aggressive he was being he just wanted the ball! He was so proud of his great catch!  

Apparently this guy is a big deal (in my sarcastic voice),  people wouldn't stop asking for his autograph, they ended up leaving early. Thats what you get for being good at basketball.... at BYU..... in the state of Utah.... You can't go anywhere!

Honestly the Jazz Bear is the best mascot ever! He is the highlight of the game sometimes, I honestly can't stop laughing at him! He cracks me up!


Thanks John!

Before the game we went to dinner at The Himalayan Kitchen, it was so YUMMY! Thanks to Taylor and Kallee's recommendation, it was a perfect night!