"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown

Friday, December 3, 2010


This was over fall break... oooops
This post is late....
better late than never

So I grew up going to florida beaches, then through high school I lived in VA so I went to East coast beaches.. I went to california maybe once or twice but never to be a beach bum. We would stop by the beach for maybe a day and I always hated it. It seemed too cold and what in the heck SeaWeed?? That was unheard of in Florida... anyway I really wanted to go explore California. Like always people always bail when I plan a fall break or spring break... but this time at least Trevor followed through. He has cousins that live in long beach that were so nice to let us stay with him. It was such a perfect vacation! On our way down we stayed at Erin and Neals, sadly they were not there :( but Pete, Mal, and Hads were staying there for the weekend as well. We went to Vegas and did some great H&M shopping :) We also laid out at a pool called Tahiti Village, I had stayed there a while back with some girl friends and I knew just how to get in haha you would have never known we weren't timeshare owners.
Vegas Baby
So my camera deleted my other pictures from Vegas :( so I have none with Mal or Pete or Hads ... sad.

The next day Trev and I headed of to California! It was such a fun road trip.. I thought Long Beach was so much further then it was but it wasn't a bad drive at all. Trev and I had things on our list we wanted to do but the best part was that we had no set plans. We did what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it :)
The first day we went to Olvero Street in downtown LA ... Trevor loved it! He went to Mexico on his mission and he said they had all of the same things. Clothes... cups... candy... food... people walking around singing sweet mexican tunes! It was a lot of fun!

Then we headed to Venice Beach.. talk about the best people watching in the world! We could not stop laughing! After being beach bums all day, we took the long board on the board walk.. Trev is a professional... I sucked!

After that we went to the Santa Monica Pier! We had such a great day of sunshine but then it started to get a little muggy.... it was so fun just being in a different atmosphere.. being in a place with all these tourists. I loved it... this is when I started to fall in love with California. A change of heart you could say.....


The rest of the trip was a lot of the same thing. We went to different beaches everyday. Hunington Beach was our favorite! We loved the beach... the pier... the surfers.... the shopping.. and it just had a great vibe. If either one of us ever own a beach house in california it would def. be at Hunington Beach.


One tradition we did start.. was everyday we ate lunch on the water... we ate at a few pier's or just at restaurants that had a view of the Ocean. It was fun everyday deciding where we were going to eat :)

Ruby's was our favorite! The restaurant at the end of the Hunington Beach Pier. On our way to eat lunch we saw TUNZ of dolphins. We watched them play for about an hour then we got seated at our table and we could still see them from where we ate. It was so much fun and they had great hamburgers and shakes!! YUM!!


If you know my love for animals you would understand the SEA WORLD was one of the highlights of my trip for sure. It is my dream to work there and work with the sea lions. They are so flipping cute and so smart!. San Diego seemed like a lot of fun, I was sad we only got to spend 1 day their but 5th avenue in downtown SD was such a hopping place. We had dinner and did some more shopping :).

It was such a great trip, we got to see friends and family and be together a lot. I don't think we had 1 fight believe it or not haha. I didn't know what to expect becuase it was my first time spending that much time with trevor... I think it was 10 days :) but all I can say is I for sure just fell for him more. I hope we can go back again next year!


Yvette and Glenn were such kind generous people to let us stay with them. Also Erin and Neal, I feel so lucky to have such great friends. I wish they all lived really close so we could spend more time together but no matter how much time goes by without spending time together its always the same when we finally do. I am so lucky and blessed for all the amazing people in my life, I really couldn't ask for any better.

This was something we saw on our long road trip... Seriously how would you like to tell someone... Oh just get off the zzyzs road exit. No big deal.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

2011 anybody?

I have been such a terrible blogger lately,
I get on to post pictures about my weekend and write about it, then I find myself doing homework. Or getting on facebook, or blog stalking and I never get around to it. I figured out that I have so many emotions going on inside me and sometimes I am scared to get on here because I know I will just write about them. I share all my feelings on here and I know I have already shared too much in the past and thats ok, but there is something about writing to yourself and something else about writing when you know other people may see it. They are both good to do that is for sure.
I have so much to be grateful for and this time of year its so easy to share it.
I am thankful for...
My parents
All of my family
My friends
Primary Childrens Medical Center
My heavenly father
The atonement
Food and Clothing
A home
My car
My health
My mind
and soo much more. As easy as it is to be thankful its been a rough year. I am counting down the days that I can finally say 2010 is officially over and here is to 2011. Somedays I think I have cried so much that I won't ever do it again and then it comes again. As happy as I am, and as good as life is... no one can tell you when you are healed. No one knows when you will forget about the past, not even yourself.
I came to the realization that sometimes I think I am scared to forget, scared that if I don't breakdown every once in a while then its proof that I have officially forgotten something that meant so much to me at one point in my life.
Thanksgiving was great :)
I cant wait for christmas
Let it be 2011 already :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I want it Wednesday!


Not only do I want it... Im going to get it! 

Fall break officially starts in 2 days! I feel in great need of a vacation... being a poor college student once again I am shocked and excited to take such a fun vacation for the whole week!!! 

Kicking it off in St. Geezy, I can't to be with all of my friends and have a good time. You know Vegas shopping is in the plans and maybe a little serendipity :) 

Then its off to CALIFORNIA! 
So I have never really explored california which is weird because we live so close and so many people come to vacation there. But because my mom is for Florida I have spend several summers there. Now I know it won't compare to Siesta Key Beach or seeing my lovely Cuban family that I miss so much but I am so excited to go to all the places in California that I have never been too 

Don't worry I have been to Disney World ... just not Disney Land so I am pumped

San Diego
Coronodo Island 
I am ready to buy some legit handmade mexican good on Olvera Street in L.A. 

We get to stay in Long Beach, CA and explore so much of SO CO haha! 
These are just a few things on the agenda! I am so ready for 9 days of vacation! 

As for everything else in life, I love to sit in the library on campus. Put on some headphone and listen to sweet tunes while I do my homework Nelly has impressed me I can't help but share my joy of this song. 

sooo come on now if you ever loved somebody put your hands up 

Really I hope you have all heard this song, its old now but I love it 

Life is good 
School is great

I can't believe its already October, I can't wait for this month to pass. 

Stay tuned.... 

Nelly - Just A Dream

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still here

Life of a student, there isn't enough time for anything that's for sure.
Full-time school and full-time work is hard .......but I am trucking along. I was wondering today, did we even have a summer? I swear we skipped it... it was spring then the next minute fall is here. Sheesh! Good thing I love fall. 

        Fall = Football                             I love college football

Most of all I love my Utes! 
I had a blast with the girls at the game, we got some sick tats on our face!
The Muss Rocks
I dare to say we have the best student section in the nation, its amazing. Now when the ref makes a million bad calls I don't find in necessary to throw a shoe at him... as one of the students did but none the less we have the best fans... they may be a little bit too drunk sometimes but hey what can you do?

I hate playing catch up on my blog... today is the start to better blogging. But i think that said that on my last post too....

Do you ever have those times in your life when your mind races at 100 mph? When you know all you need in this time is to be alone..... yet your terrified of it. Im here... but im ok.
I love this quote.

Language... has created the word loneliness to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word solitude to express the glory of being alone. - Paul Johannes Tillich.

Its a great time in my life to sit back and reflect
I feel the pain of loneliness
I feel the glory of being alone
I think too much... its always been a weakness of mine
my life
School.... Work..... Sleep

 I hope we all find those moments from time to time to be alone and enjoy it.
I will try

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bitter Sweet

I am going to miss you
Oh my boat, I will miss you. You have let me use you and abuse you. I have duct taped you and glued you and you never complained. You just kept running. But it was time to move on, you will be missed. Thank you for being my first car, so many memories I will never forget.

Now I welcome
White Angel into my life

She is going to be good to me I just know it.

 no more driving and fearing for my life
 finally I have air conditioning
yay for new car smell
good gas mileage at last
Yay for finally parking in the driveway NO oil leaks : )
I am excited to make some new memories in this car!
RIP my boat I will never forget you!
Peace and Love

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is an amazing message I meant to put with my last post.
We can all learn from this man's example.
Watch This

Wanting summer nights to stay forever !

Anyone else with me?
I am soaking up every summer night that is for sure. Only 2 more weekends until school starts... and one of them I work so that doesn't really count. I am so excited to start school again, but I know its going to take a lot of hard work and focus so that means not as much play time. Ready or not here it comes.

The past month has been great. So much has happened and life is good. I have learned so much through all the trials in my life but I think I have learned one of the hardest lessons through this trial.... but it was the most strengthening as well.  Forgiveness.

There is nothing that will bring us more of the Spirit of God than to … be kind, considerate, charitable, long-suffering and forgiving. There is nothing that will bring more joy to us than to be ready and willing to forgive the trespasses of our neighbors against us, and there is nothing that will bring more condemnation to us than to harden our hearts and to be bitter and vindictive in our feelings towards those by whom we are surrounded

Although I have been taught this princeple before I felt I had never really had to use it in my life the way I have had to the past 3 months. It was so hard for me to swallow my pride and realize that life will be so much better if I could just forgive Sean. I tried and tried and I feel like that harder I tried the more bitter I felt. It was truly tearing me up inside. But I know the lord always provides a way to get through our trials in his time not ours. I know I had to suffer to appreciate this principle. In the blink of an eye one day I just felt ready. Ready to talk, ready to forgive, ready to say it's ok and I want you to be happy, ready to truly let go. I guess me being angry was a way of holding on to the only part of Sean that I had left. I know we all make mistakes, all we can do is learn and grow from them and thank our heavenly father for what they have taught us. If we don't learn then all that pain was for nothing. I am grateful for everything. I want to testify how much better life is when we don't have bad feelings towards anyone.  I know there are many people out there who have had things done to them that are a million times worse then what was done to me, but I know that they to can forgive and there life will be changed. I can truly say now that this chapter of my life is closed. This is the last I will write about it. Although it still stings a little and makes me sad,  I walk away so much happier knowing that we can both find happiness still, just not together anymore. I don't think Sean could have said it any better, this is the last thing he said,  

"Thank you for being you, so perfect. I'm sorry I couldn't give you the world like I promised but someone else will I'm sure of it"

I truly know that the lord has something else and someone else instore for me and for sean. I am grateful for that knowledge and I am ready to walk away with just that with a smile on my face. 

As far as what has been going down....

Mal and Pete had a healthy beautiful baby girl

Hadlee was excited to meet her Aunt Tossy and Uncle Trevor :)
Trevor was so excited to get Hadlee her first puppy, Tahoe.... : )
Congrats Pete and Mal, Hadlee is so lucky to be born into such an amazing family.

 Vanessa and Baby Isaiah got a baby shower at the Grand America

The cake was adorable

I love my sisters and my mom!

Nessy got a lot of great things that will be useful. I am so happy for Jon and her, they are such a cute family and I just can't get enough of this little man. Isn't he adorable.

I love him!

Love these girls

Having fun with Sparklers

Nothing like sitting around the campfire with a group of friends :)

One event I had been looking forward to all summer finally came..

Tim Mcgraw and Lady Antebellum
They rocked my world

No worries Lady A will return in the fall!! YAY!

Sexy Cowboy mmmmm
Love my cousins!

Next came Moab
We got to go white water rafting, it really was such a great weekend with the girls. I didn't get too many pictures for some reason but I sure had a blast.

The twins are 1!! I can't believe how fast that year went for me at least.

Oh how they have grown

Can you say trouble?

They didn't like sitting still for a picture. Isabella is such a great big sister she isn't very happy here her wings were hurting she said. I love them all to death!

Yummy beautiful cake!

Most of my nights consist of me and this guy :)
Many movie nights

Mini Golf


Just being gangsters... thats how we roll

Can you say leatherbees peanut butter cup??? We love it!

Never a dull moment

I don't know who else I could spend 3 hours with playing arcade games. At the end of our adventure we had won 530 tickets.
 We purchased:
These amazing gangster shades
A whoopie Cushion
Noise puddy
Matching braclets
Thanks for ALWAYS being you Trev, you are as real as they come!
Trevor has been here through thick and thin, he has become my very best friend. I don't know what I would do without him. I thank my heavenly father for him. He always puts a smile on my face thats for sure!

Well thats a quick update.
Now is the start to a stay-cation with my parents. We were going to go to San Diego but things just didn't work out. So we are going to stay here and do some fun stuff in the mountains and around town. Tonight we went to cheesecake factory. It was so much fun! I love my parents! I am excited to have a week off of work and just hang out here!

Peace and Love

Out Yo ;)

P.S. I forgot to mention.. I finally got the camera I have been waiting to get. Its the Canon's first smaller camera with a great optical zoom. Im a little obsessed..... sometimes the only person to take pictures of is myself so deal with ok :) haha