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Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Time

I feel like summer for me didn't really kick off until my birthday weekend, but it has been great. Starting off  for my birthday we planned to go to dinner with all the girls and it actually turned into dinner, the U2 and Fray concert. Erin's father-in-law hooked us up and it was so fun hanging out with the girls and jamming out singing at the top of our lungs! Thanks girls I love you so much!

Here we are Jamming Out!


The morning of my birthday I woke up and my dear friend shae had attatcked my house and car, streamers everywhere, car paint that said birthday girl and a huge sign on my garage door that said "Honk it's my birthday". I am grateful for her and all the nice things she does. I wish I would have taken pictures of it :(

The night of my birthday.... Trevor spoiled me as always! He told me he was making me something turn out he actually did! He made me a shadow box with all of the dates we have been on that have tickets involved, starting with our first date to the Bee's game on May, 29th 2010! It had tickets of the movies we have been to and we are obsessed with movies! Also SeaWorld, Utah Jazz games, Grizzlie games. I was so impressed. He also put in some sea shells that we found on Hunington beach! He is so thoughtful, he even put everything in with velcro so I can change it out when we go to concerts or other places we want to remember. Then he got me a bloggy, which is a mini video camera... like a flip but the flip is discontinued so now I have my sony bloggy and I can't wait to start posting videos.

My Shadow box

Then he took me to the Nike store and let me pick out shoes. I got two pairs of NIKE's that I love love love.

 Then off to the cheesecake factory! It was so much fun and I am so greateful for him and his ability to show his love to me. 

That same weekend was my Nephews first birthday which is such a HUGE deal so we celebrated that and it was so much fun. He is such a cutie!!!
I tried out my new Bloggie video camera on him eating his cake. He was very timid about diving into it I am glad I caught it on video.


Today I am trying to catch up on all my blogging so there is more to come :)

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