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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go Jazz

So my bff Erin's Father, Mr. John Brophy has had access to 5th row Jazz tickets for years! Since my senior year I have been hoping maybe one day he will throw them my way. I always tell Erin, if you dad doesn't ever want them I will take them off his hands. So the other night I take Trevor over there for the 1st time, all the guys were talking and so what does Trevor do, he says "we can take those tickets off your hands"(we meaning the boys). I overheard and walked in the room and I see John hand Trevor the tickets! I couldn not believe it, no way John doesn't even know him! I have been wanting those tickets for years! So I said you better take me! Well of course John says you have to take Toss. So I stole Pete or Taylor's ticket and I know they weren't too happy about it. I just could not believe after all these years all I had to do was ask and I am sure I would have had 5th row seats a long time ago haha. Anyway it was a blast, and I will have to try and get the other boys some tickets so they don't hate me for life. Sadly..... D. Will did not play but I had a great view of him the whole game and the Jazz still won!! GO JAZZ!

I hope one day we can afford season tickets, we seriously had so much fun! I love that we both love the Jazz!

So trevor knocked the guy next to him over as he went for this little ball. He didn't even realize how aggressive he was being he just wanted the ball! He was so proud of his great catch!  

Apparently this guy is a big deal (in my sarcastic voice),  people wouldn't stop asking for his autograph, they ended up leaving early. Thats what you get for being good at basketball.... at BYU..... in the state of Utah.... You can't go anywhere!

Honestly the Jazz Bear is the best mascot ever! He is the highlight of the game sometimes, I honestly can't stop laughing at him! He cracks me up!


Thanks John!

Before the game we went to dinner at The Himalayan Kitchen, it was so YUMMY! Thanks to Taylor and Kallee's recommendation, it was a perfect night!

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