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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day #9 Great News

A picture of the last item I purchased.

Well because I am a poor student I have not been shopping in so long. The last time I went shopping with My money for clothes for Me was probably October when I went to California. Anyway I am happy to say I finally bought something last night, but I can justify it!
1st and foremost I didn't buy this for myself
My sweetheart showed up with it yesterday, he bought it for me.
I love him!
Trevor has been a Packers fan since he was born. The very 1st thing he gave me was his packer shirt he said it was his favorite so I could sleep in it at night. Well he decided it was time for me to have my own for the big game today! I am excited because I have never had an NFL team that I have loved. So even though I am a packers fan by default I am excited to cheer them on today! They haven't won a superbowl since like 1996 or something like that so Trevor is SOOO excited. GO PACKERS!!
So now for the good news!
I went shopping for a few things because ...
I am so excited, I will be working for L-3 Communications as a Production Planner Specialist. 
At my current job I wear scrubs everyday, I am so excited that my new job is business casual. But I don't really have a lot of that style of clothes. So I bought a few shirts at Target last night that will go great with a blazer and dress pants. I am really excited! 
Does anyone know where I can find a black blazer for not too expensive?   

 Double-sided two different prints! Love it!

If anyone knows of some great deals on blazers, dress pants, or good shirts that go with dress pants let me know. I am a little lost in this area, I want to just wear a dress everyday. I love dresses but when I was out there for my interview everyone was in business style suits, even the girls. I don't want to look like some dumb 22 year old wearing a cute summer dress haha. I have to be serious, this job is for real. I mean this is more of a career to me not just a job! I am so happy that when I graduate I don't have to go job hunting. I am so grateful that my dad was able to help me out and get my foot in the door......................... (he works at L-3 as well) I am so sad to leave Primary Childrens because I will miss my co-workers and the kids so much. But I made hardly nothing there and I didn't want to be a nurse so there was no where for me to move up. With this job, I can actually start saving money and go get my MBA and hopefull one day move up with this company. That is my plan and I am really excited!
I hope you all have a great superbowl sunday!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So happy for you!!! :) I wish I knew where to get cheap dress pants and blazers!
    Love the shirts though!
    and yes... GO PACKERS! I HATE the steelers.

  2. New York and Company is where I got all my clothes when I started dressing business casual! Cheap and good clothes! :) So happy for you Toss!! You will be great!

  3. Congrats on the new job.. that's a huge change. I shop at Ross for dress pants, you cam find them cheap. Also, keep your eyes open at JC Penny & Kohls- they do lots of clearance and $10 off coupons all the time. :)