"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Boat..... 
(Please note: half of the length of this car is not photographed, which explains the nickname THE BOAT)

                                         What a trooper

This thing has got me through much more than I ever thought it would. We are going on 4 years now....... 4 years of no car payment.... 4 years of driving scared to death that I may lose my life while driving on the highway when my car just gives up and someone smashes me from behind...

4 years of mirrors glued on  (see photo below)

You know its time for a new car when you have to put duct tape on it....

So although I am grateful that I have a car what do I want......

A 5 series BMW

I want it

I know this is very greedy... I may never have this car but a girl can dream can't she.


maybe this


  1. NOOO you can't get a new car... if you do please keep the boat...... Too many memories in it and it just fits you to the T. Also I vote no debt!! making car payments suck! and also according to Dave Ramsey.... smartest would be to pay cash for it!!! GO DR

  2. My vote is with Mal, it is so nice having ZERO debt besides our mortgage. If you must, try to pay as much cash as you can and then a car payment you can pay off QUICK!! Those nice, beautiful, shiny cars are so lovely and tempting but really who cares what you drive from point A to point B?!

  3. No debt or little debt is the way to go. Before Mike and I got married we saved like crazy to get me a new car.. we were able to pay cash for most of the car and only had to finance a little bit.. we made big payments on the rest and had it paid off in 6 months... if you do finance.. try and pay as much in cash as you can! :)