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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

I had a very eventful weekend!
About a year ago I joined a singles ward that is in my parents stake. I didn't know one person, it has been such a great experience for me and I have developed such a great group of friends. I am so grateful for all of them and I don't know what I would do without them! It was Ashley's birthday on thurs. April fools day! It was such a great party with a great turn out! Ashley is such a sweetheart and would do anything for anyone it was great to show her how much we love her!
Some of the girls!!
Ashley and her boys!

Shay baby!!

Some of the best girls I know :)

Julia  Julia Julia Love her!

Here is Ashley with her adorable Nephew! I am so grateful for her and how great of a person she is! She makes me want to me better. I wish only the best for her this coming year!! Love you Ash!

So since thurs. was April fools, I decided to play a trick on Sean. If you remember it was a blizzard here... well Sean check the weather here everyday. He knew I leave for work at 5 in the morning and it was honestly the scariest drive! The snow was TERRIBLE!! So when he text me like he always does at 6 I told him I couldn't talk and it was a blizzard and I got rearended. I thought he would totally know I was joking since it was April fools day... NOPE he was freaking out calling and texting and I waited a while. About 10 min later I just texted him. April Fools................................
He was so mad. haha It was pretty simple but I thought it was good. The rest of the day he was being kind of a punk.. just short with me. But I got home to these

It was such a sweet note he left with it. He said I couldn't think of anything better to spend my allowence on. I hope these brighten up that nasty winter weather. I love you.
Sean has recently given himself a strict allowence by choice because he wants to save a lot before we get married. So he spent 2 weeks of his allowence on these beautiful flowers. He is the sweetest! He does everything he can to make this situation the best it can be. I am so grateful for him. Thanks babe! I love you.
Friday I went to park city with my family because my mom's cousin was in from out of town. Sadly no pictures were taken. :( It was a lot of fun though. We hit the outlets then went and ate pizza on main like we always do.. then we headed out. Short and sweet but it was a blast!

Saturday rolled around and I through Nikki  a bridal shower!!! It was kind of a last minute thing so I was so grateful that everyone was sooooo willing to help. I couldn't have done it without everyone. All of the food was amazing! Nikki has been my friend since 6th grade. We haven't always been really close but we knew we are always there for each other. She is such a great girl and I am so glad she found Gentry! I know they will be such a happy couple! I am really excited to go to their wedding this Thursday! Love You Nikki!

Nikki and her face stuffed with Marshmallow because she got some questions wrong about her and Gentry.

Some of the girls

This is how much fun it was!!

Just one of the great things Nikki got!

So after being up all day I was hoping to get called of of work that night.. but I didn't. I worked from 6 at night till 7 in the morning. But I did get to play Easter bunny at the hospital! The community donated some amazing easter baskets and I got to sneak in all the kids rooms and put them in! I only got to see a few of their reactions because most of them were still asleep but it was a great experience! I also had a jar of play dough to keep me happy I even sculpted this for Sean. My art skills are amazing don't worry

So after getting a little bit of sleep Easter morning the day had to begin! It was such a great Easter! After having and Easter egg hunt at my house went to my Grandmas and had dinner and had another Easter egg hunt for the kids! I should say the little kids. I miss the Easter egg hunts for me.. I guess I am too old for them but I still miss them and I don't feel too old. I got to see all my cousins and we had a great time as always!

My 3 little angels!! I love them

This explains a lot
The lucky 4 that got to participate in the Easter egg hunt

Some of the Cousins! It was a great day with the family, I always miss Sean on holidays a lot! I am so excited that he will get to be here for future holidays I can hardly wait!!!
I hope everyone had a great Easter!!!


  1. Toss-- The birthday party DID turn out great, thanks for helping out!! the prank call after was SO funny.. I can't wait til YKW makes another appearance...can you buy my gas?! ha ha. I totally agree about the friends we've made in this ward- BEST EVER! I seriously love our little group!! I may have to borrow a couple of your pics to do a post on my Blog too.. :) Happy Easter..! P.S. I'll talk to you before then, but we're still doin girl's night Tuesday if you can make it. (Patti's hot tub) :)

  2. You said NOTHING about missing me on Easter :( Man I almost died over that pic of Isa and the beautiful chubby ones, I am so sad I missed that too, UGH!