"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I took this picture..... its not out of a magazine


My heart had been broken and I needed a cure

Nothing better then Hawaii with your BFF

Mal was so sweet to let me come and visit. We had such a fun time seeing all the amazing beautiful places. It was truly paradise. I am so lucky to have friends like Mal that are always there in time of need.

This was the beginning of a whole new me.
I remember talking to Sean almost everyday of that trip, he was there for me.
This was the start to being happy alone... finally after 2 years since those days I am happy to say I couldn't be happier.
I Learned
Once you are happy with yourself and who you are
you can take that step forward and also be happy with someone else
There are way too many people out there that rely on others to make them happy
YOU determine your own happiness!

Now for one of the Coolest things I have EVER done

Sharks are amazing
I want to swim with them again SOON

One of the many Amazing memories in my life.
I will never forget it! Its not everyday you get to be in Hawaii with one of your best friends!


  1. Great words of advice Toss-- seriously, life is so much happier once you figure out that simple logic!! I love Hawaii, looks like you had a blast.. I can't believe you swam with sharks though- that freaks me out!!! Have a happy Monday!

  2. So I'm not taking ALL the credit or anything but I distinctly remember telling you to learn to be happy alone before you let yourself get in another relationship after that heart break. I am sure others told you that but I know I DEFINITELY tried to pound it in your head :) Plus I always secretly kept my fingers crossed that you and Seany would end up together in the end!! Proud of you sis!

  3. OH!! I am so glad that your first flashback was with me!! That was seriously such a fun week! I am so so so glad that you learned what you did!! cause look where you are now.. about to marry the man that you were always comparing EVERYONE else too!!! Lets plan a big trip back to hawaii..... as married couples!