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Monday, July 12, 2010

Hollywood what??

Hollywood Connections baby!!!

Last weekend we were able to get a fun group together and go to Hollywood connections. I think it was the first time being there in years for a lot of us. Jared's dad is the GM and hooked us up with free skating, bummper cars, roller coaster, and tunz of tokens for arcade games. All of the boys were in heaven, they were like little kids. It was such a fun night out with friends!

Little did I know, Trevor use to be a DJ at the roller skating rink all through high school. So he was pretty professional at skating! It was so much fun to watch him and he helped me get better, I didnt fall once :)

We all felt like we were in Jr. High again :)

Since Mal is about to pop a baby out she couldn't roller skate. So her and pete watched my camera for me and took some beautiful pictures together. Love you guys!

Mal and Lisa were dominating at games, they won so many tickets!!!

Did I mention the boys were in heaven???

Happy Couple

The bummper cars were the best, I don't think I stopped laughing through the whole ride.

We pretty much rode puff the magic dragon.
I could have rode that roller coaster all night!

I don't think any of us will wait 5 years before we good back to the good old Ho Co

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  1. That looks way fun! Thanks for the invite ;) Call me next time!