"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown

Monday, January 30, 2012

Married Life

Oh married life is wonderful, don't listen to what other people say. My whole engagement I can't tell you how much negativity I heard about marriage... I knew Trev and I would be fine but it got really frustrating. Of course it will be hard just like it's hard to live with your siblings growing up, and how in college you sometimes you had that one hard roommate... I am sure marriage will have all those little moments of frustration. But if both people try to be selfless and serve each other it helps a whole lot! It's so easy for me right now... I mean I love doing his dishes and laundry and picking up his wet towel off the bed... I am sure this is part of the "newlywed" stage and it doesn't annoy me... but I hope I can always be kind and tolerant of all the little things that have potential to "bug" someone. It is so great taking care of each other, I think we are a great team and it is so great learning more about each other everyday.
I love cooking!! For now I try one new recipe a week because it is all I have time for. I am studying for the GMAT and I go to prep courses 3 times a week so life has not slowed down that is for sure, I don't think it ever will.... but that is ok.
The wedding was perfect, the honeymoon was a dream, and I love playing house with my husband. I can't wait to blog about the wedding but I really want to wait until I get my pictures back from my photographer.....TIP... if any brides are worried about their groom seeing them in their dress before the wedding day DONT BE we got such great pictures doing groomals and on the wedding day it isn't as relaxing, so I recommend getting over your groom seeing you he still thinks your beautiful the day of and pictures last FOREVER!


  1. You're married! congrats! Don't listen to what anyone tells you, its wonderful and gets better and better. Love your pictures too. Looking forward to seeing your wedding pictures!

  2. You look stunning! Congrats on getting married. I still love taking care of my husband and I don't think we are considered "newlyweds" anymore.