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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wedding planning... but wait

I have been such a bad blogger! Not only am I wedding planning but I got engaged as well. It was perfect, everything I have ever dreamed of. I knew it would be coming in the next few months but I had no idea it would all happen so soon. Trevor asked my dad and got the ring all without me knowing, which is what I always wanted. Not to know it was coming and he got me good. It was a beautiful day, Labor day actually and we both had the day off work. Trevor told me that we would be going to a BBQ at his brothers house. On his way to pick me up he said his car died so I went out to my car to pick him up and this is what I found...

I was so shocked, I can't even explain how many beats my heart skipped. I knew it was happening and I had never felt so happy. Along with the letter telling me nothing was wrong with his car he had another letter and when I opened it up it had the word WILL.... then trevor wrote a bunch of things with the word WIll, he said he WILL always take care of me and WILL never hurt me and a whole bunch of other sweet things. From there Trev led me on a little scavenger hunt to all of the places that mean something to us. 1st place was boondocks, this was the first date Trevor and I ever went on. He took me there our senior year of high school. It was such a blast, then when he got home from his mission we went again on one of our first dates. When I got there his brother was waiting with a rose and another envelope but he said I had to beat him for it. So I took a few minutes and dominated him at basketball (he didn't know I played) then I got my next letter that said YOU.

The things he wrote were so sweet and thoughtful, the next place he let me to was Bucca De Beppo our favorite place to eat dinner. Then his sister in law was waiting and gave me the next letter that read MARRY.
Obviously I knew what was going on, the next place was my home address. I can't explain to you at this point the emotion I felt. I cried the whole way to my house, I think this may have been the first time I have ever cried because I was so happy. I never thought I would feel this again, I never thought it would be this special. All I could think was this is exactly how I am suppose to feel, this is the start to the best days of my life. So after getting all my letters I showed up to my house, I went inside and it was dark and then my dog was waiting by the back door so I knew he was out there.

When I walked off my back porch this is what I saw :) (and no I did not stop and take this picture)

Then it went a little like this...

My perfect dream come true, and the ring is even more perfect. Exactly what I wanted :) even more beautiful than I imagined.

Oh he is the man of my dreams. Trevor and I have dated a long time and it wasn't always perfect we went through a lot and it took me a long time to let me guard down and let myself fall completely in love with him. But now that it is this way I fall more in love with him everyday. I am so excited to marry him and being engaged has been so much fun, planning this wedding has been the best time of my life. I honestly can't wait to start this new chapter. I know if some of you have read my blog you may have remembered my goodbye post almost 2 years ago, I just want you to know that no matter how hard life gets and even when you don't think it will get better.. it does. I never imagined I could be this happy but now I feel crazy for ever thinking that way. So stay strong! 

As for now I have a lot more updates coming, Oh and I get married in 80 days no big deal :)  


  1. Congratulations Natacia! That is so happy! I'm glad you made it through that challenge from 2 years ago and have found someone who is so much more deserving of you!

  2. Natacia,

    I know we don't talk much but this post seriously made me well up with tears. I am so happy for you and Trevor. This was the cutest and most sincere thing I have ever read about. Good luck to the both of you. You are happy and beautiful and Trev is a great guy. Congratulations.

  3. Congrats! I am so happy for you!