"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maybe it's in the air

I love having weekends full of sunshine, it must be something in the air because it makes me so happy. I only have about 2 more weeks of school left and I should be very stressed, but this weekend I couldn't help but enjoy soaking up the sun. I changed my blog title to Love Is All You Need, because wow what a difference our world would be if we all believed that. I see so many people being so unkind to each other. For example, you are driving minding your own business and for some reason the car next to you pulls up and flips you off. I stop and think what did I do? I was just jamming out to my music, did I cut them off? Whatever it was is it really necessary to make me feel bad and flip me off... that is when I just need to pull out a sign that says; LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED! I wonder how they would feel? At that point I am sure they would just flip me off again but really why we live in a world where a lot of the time people are so unhappy. We spend so much time complaining that we forget to sit back and see how truly blessed we all are. I just want to love everyone, like I said maybe it's just something in that air but I wake up feeling like I want to make a difference. I want to make someone smile, I want to lighten their load and help them feel loved and appreciated like they do mean something in this world. I can't imagine how many people out their don't feel loved, they may not have family, friends, children, lovers, or anyone at all to tell them they love them, my heart breaks for them. So I take on this challenge and I hope you all will too, take a second to notice those around you that may just need to hear those words I love you. Maybe you don't feel comfortable saying it to them so you can show them, because when it really comes down to it, Love is all you need people :)
I love you all!

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